Rosettes, Rosettes and more Rosettes.


WATCH THIS SPACE We are pleased to announce that we now making our own pleating in Australia, having just acquired our own rosette pleating machine from overseas. This will give us the ability to increase the styles/range of Rosette’s we will be able to manufacturer . Rainbow Rosettes are now available and the cost will only be an extra $1.00 per rosette to the prices of our range below
We do rosettes in 4 sizes, in plain, bi-colour or tri-colours (large rosette size only), with tails from 8” to 30”. We also print the name of Club/Society or Logo and standard award on either the 50mm centre button or on the tail(s) of the rosette at no extra cost.
If you are ordering 20 or more rosettes in total, please email for a Bulk (discounted) price. Please note that 10% GST must be added to the price per unit below:
Small 100mm – 4” 
1 Tier- Plain Colour (small Blue Rosette bottom left picture above)
50mm button, 2 tails @ 8" long
 Medium 125mm – 5”
(A)2 Tier - Plain or Bi Colour (medium solid Red Rosette in picture above) 
50mm button with 2 tails @ 18" long
or (B) 2 Tier - Plain or Colour (Medium solid Yellow Rosette in picture above)
50mm button with 3 tails @ 24" long
Large 135mm – 6”
3 Tier - Multi Coloured, Plain, Bi or Tri Colours (large Tri coloured rosette above)
50mm button, 3 tails @ 30" long
Please note, The above prices are for 1-19 rosettes, for larger quantities or different styles please email or phone us for a quote.


Yes you have read this correctly, provided you provide the artwork or photo for use as the centre button of your rosette no additional cost is charged..

Colours available:
Please note that rosettes are only available in the following colours:
White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Saxe, Daffodil, Cream, Purple, Grey, Marigold, Maroon, Orchid, Emerald Green, Kiwi, Coffee, Rust, Citrus. See our Colour Chart page.

Stanley from Captains Flat N.S.W. showing off the rosettes
he won at a Dog Show in Darwin 2011.


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