ShowribbonsOnline was originally a small ribbon printing business that was founded by Keith Irwin after relocating to Tasmania from New South Wales in 2009.

As recognition and demand grew for ribbons, sashes and rosettes so did the opportunity to expand.

Keith soon joined forces with Donna Barratt who bought shares in the growing business.

Donna was able to help with the growth and direction of the business but at the end of 2013 after the birth of her 2nd child, Donna stepped back from the front line to concentrate on her family and became a silent partner.

Recently Keith has retired due to health and Donna has taken over the business as the sole Owner.

Donna is currently involved in many ventures including her own small business – Dannika’s Cart and her husbands egg farm – Clucking Good Eggs AND is also the Post Mistress, running the Maydena Post Office.

She is joined by her graphic designer Adele, who has been working with Keith since 2018 and between them both, they are happy to create, design and print ribbons, sashes and rosettes to meet your needs.