... "So Many Choices!"

"We offer a large choice of transfer foils, fringe and fonts for you to choice from. Let us take this opportunity to take you through the steps to help you choice and design the right ribbon or rosette for you and your event."

Transfer Foils and Colours Available

When designing your Ribbon or Rosette we need to take into account many aspects. At ShowribbonsOnline Dannika's Cart we offer a wide variety of transfer foils in many beautiful colours that are water resistant and will not Run or BLEED.

How It's Done - The Digital Foil Printing Process

Digital foiling is a faster process where the artwork is sent from a computer to the printer where it is printed under low heat. It does not require a stamping plate to be manufactured. It is a dry process and does not use solvents. Another advantage is that it can be printed more intricate details that hot foil stamping methods.

Digitally printed foil results in a flat print product, without any texture or de-bossing. This protects your print with a durable hard wearing finish.




Depending on your order, sashes are designed both with and without fringing.

Standard sashes are fringed with either Gold or Silver fringe but we encourage customers to look outside the box and match fringing colours to foil and / or ribbon Colours.

We have recently out sourced a variety of new fringing colours to help us produce a beautiful looking end product.

Please contact us via email or mobile for more colours available at time of ordering.


The style of your font can make or break the final product.

When designing your sash we suggest matching the font to your club logo if it is to be used on the ribbon, sash or rosette.

If you are not sure of the font, we will try to match a font as close as possible to your logo.

Examples of some of the fonts available to choose from in office