Prize, Place and Award Ribbons


At ShowribbonsOnline Dannika's Cart we print Prize, Place and Show ribbons in four different widths. These widths are 2.5cm (1 inch), 5cm (2 inch), 7.5cm (3 inch) and 10cm (4 inch).

Prize, Place and Showribbons can be printed in lengths as little as 20cm (8 inch) up to 180cm (71 inch). This means we are able to print your ribbons in dozens of individual sizes.

These ribbons can be ordered in over 30 colours and in different fonts and foils to.

Ribbons can be simply printed as a place award or can be included with any wording you choose. They can display your school, show or event and have logos or motifs too depending on the size and length requested.

Prize Place and Award Ribbons are NOT fringed...

prize sizes
prize 2
If the size you want is not listed above, please contact us in office to discuss available options

Fringed Sash Sizes

We can add an Epoxy Button with or without a Rosette and your Club Logo or Event printed, to ANY Ribbon, Sash, Bi or Tri, at an additional cost. Feel free to contact us in office to get an obligation free quote!
- Adele

Bi Sash Sizes

Bi sash1
Bi Coloured Sashes make a great alternative to a plain sash. Mixing colours from your club for a Dog Show; Taking inspiration from flowers for your Bridal Bash OR choosing a WOW facture for a Body Sash for Fashions Off the Field are all achievable with this combination. Feel free to contact us in office for more information.
- Donna

Tri Colour Sashes


Whether it be a standard 6" OR 7" Tri with 3 colours or a 6" OR 7" Tri with 2 colours, we can help.

7In tri

V-Necked Fringed Sashes with 3 or 5 Tier Rosette